TheSunShopp’s team continuously works improving the experience, selection and offerings that we provide! We’re currently working on bringing prescription options to TheSunShopp in conjunction with FSA and HSA on qualified expenses.

Details on FSA and HSA below:

Eyewear and services for correcting your vision are classified as a “medical product” and can therefore be purchased with an HSA or FSA:

  1. Prescription eyeglasses
  2. Prescription sunglasses
  3. Contact lenses
  4. Eye examinations and eye surgery
  5. Reading glasses

You can’t use an HSA or FSA to buy:

  1. Non-prescription eyeglasses
  2. Non-prescription sunglasses
  3. Insurance premiums
  4. Non-prescription colored contact lenses

What are HSA/FSA accounts?

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) share many similarities, such as:

  1. Contributions are pre-tax
  2. Contributions are tax deductible
  3. Available through employers
  4. Preset contribution limits
  5. Share the same list of “qualified expenses”